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Subject:I haven't updated this in how long?
Time:05:24 pm
So this blog fell by the wayside sime time ago.

I've recently started a new blog on Tumblr

If your on there come and read my blog.
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Current Music:Chiaki Ishikawa - Uninstall (Bokurano Opening)
Subject:A long overdue update...
Time:05:52 pm

Ok so i haven't posted in bloody ages (13 weeks :( )

So anyway, work, life, etcetera, got in the way.

Feed up with Blacks now, well and truly fed up with poor pay and abusive / intimidating behaviour from my manager. So that’s way I’ve started an official grievance against him.

Been working on a few bits and pieces like an anime stream for a cross-platform convention (more on this in due course), and some costume work. I recently cosplayed Simon from Gurren Lagann at a ReCon night in Waterstones. I’ve yet to upload any photos (save for a few on Facebook) , as I’ve find a photo that I’m happy with, probably because the wig needed more styling and the costume needs some tidying up. But I’m doing a photoshoot soon with a friend of mine, so once that’s done I’ll upload the photos to my Cosplay Island account.


Anywho, onto a figure rewiew...Collapse )

Next time I’ll be rewiewing a Revoltech figure.

Also thought i'd quickly mention that i've fallen completely in love with a piece of music called Uninstall. It’s by Chiaki Ishikawa and is used as the opening music for an anime called Bokurano, which I’ve not yet seen but well be watching the first 2 episodes tomorrow at Westcountry Anime (maybe I’ll write a short review of it). My only problem is I’m not sure if I prefer the original song or the cover version by Japanese rock god Masaki Endou. XD

Anyway more soon (I promise).

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Subject:Con Report: Minami Con 15
Time:10:39 pm

Well once again i haven't updated in well over a month or two.....

for various reasons, preparing / attending Minami Con 15, and finding a new job.

But to make up for it I give you my Minami Con 15 report complete with plenty of pictures.


So yeah i'm in a new job with Black's the outdoor clothing / camping specialists (which i started the day after  i got back from Minami).

It's a full-time, 37½ hours a week, but it's an NVQ placement; so i'm only getting paid £85 a week (that sucks). :(

Still at least i can finally get on with my NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service which i signed up for back in November, and pay off the debts i accrued as a result of Minami Con.



So anyway.......

On to my convention report.

 Read more...Collapse )


I’m gonna d a review of the Nedroid Yuki I bought at Minami, and the one that arrived from Japan the day I got back from the con. So I’ll try and put that up in the next week or so.


Catch ya soon. 

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Subject:Febuary Fun
Time:06:15 pm
I intended to make this entry sooner, but as ever i've been side tracked with other things.

It was my birthday a few weeks ago, and i had a fantastic time, partly because white_leviathan and my friend Kaka came down to Plymouth. An epic weekend involving lots of drinking ensued.

Onto the anime related stuff.

I was given 2 lovely Gurren Lagann figures for my birthday.  XD

There are both from  from Kotobukiya's Gurren Lagann Plain Model Collection Series. And are easy to assemble and require little or no painting (though it looks better if you do paint them),  in-fact HobbyLink Japan rates this as Skill level 2.

Read more...Collapse )


All in all was a good birthday.
Now i'm just busy preparing cosplays for Minami Con 15, which is only 5 and a bit weeks away.

More soon folks.
- Eva_Fan</lj>
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Current Music:Macross Frontier OST
Subject:How the Hell Did this Happen?!
Time:04:33 pm
Well you may remember the job selling beds i mentioned; well i started last Tuesday.
Well after only a day and a half, they decided they didn't want me after all and fobbed me off with giving me a reason. So quite naturally i feel pissed off that they've messed me a round and wasted my time. Various people have advised me to pursue this mater.

So with my increased 'free-time' my anime  viewing's gone mad in the the last week or so....

Finally got round to finishing Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (which is the story of the world's most pessimistic teacher and his class of assorted misfits).

And you though the culture festival episodes of Azu Manga Daioh were odd.
Itoshiki sensei convinces his class to put the least amount of culture into there effort, in episode 10.

Episodes 10 & 11 have a different opening theme to the rest of the show, yet episode 12 is the same as the others. Also the way that episode 11 ends, and then there's no reference to it in episode 12 is a little odd.

All in all an enjoyable and entertaining show, i guess at some point i'll watch the second season.

I also finished watching Macross Frontier (just a few hours ago); love it. Great mix of space sorties and mecha action, not to mention the singing. I've been come somewhat addicted to the soundtrack; favorite songs have to be Welcome To My FanClub's Night and What 'Bout My Star. I've also decided i like Klan in micron form, she's just so kawaii. ^_^

I've also been watching more Hayate The Combat Butler, and trying to pick up on as many references as possible (in between laughing). Like in episode 6 and i noticed that one of the busts in the hallway is Inyasha. And that painting that appears in the background earlyer in the same episode is of a blue Pikachu.

And finally; at Westcountry Anime we're currently watching the second season of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (the psychological murder mystery set in the fictitious Japanese town of Hinamizawa); hopefully there well finally be some answers to the questions your left with at the end of the first season.

Ok more soon folks.
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Subject:Update: 14/01/2009
Time:05:03 pm

Two entries in as many days (how unlike me :P ).

Anyway, good news, i got the job. Just what i needed and just when i needed it.
Affording Minami Con is no longer a concern.

And I’ve also got a short anime review for you:

I finally watched the FMA movie; Conqueror of Shamballa, today (i've only have the dvd for 6 months or more).

Ok so  some people might not like this as it follows on from the end of the anime, which of course differs from the original manga. But i quite liked it.

All of the old characters return, which of course leads to more of Roy Mustang being sarcastic, and more of Armstrong being well.....fabulous.

All in, the animation is of the same standard as there series as is the music, the plot is alright.

I'd give it a 3 /5.


More updates soon folks.


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Subject:First Entry of 2009
Time:12:19 am
Current Mood:chipperchipper
Happy new  year folks.....

Once again LJ is telling me i've not updated in 4 weeks (i really need to get better at doing that)...

I'm still out of work atm, though i had a 2 hour long interview today. And i felt really positive about it. I should find out tomorrow if i got it (who knows, i might even make an update about it).

Anyway.......so christmas was good though i  didn't get any cool anime stuff (i think i need to train my family better).
So of course i did what any anime fan would do and spoiled myself after christmas and bough some anime

Gurren Lagann DVD box...Collapse )

My New years was awesome thanks to white_leviathan and some other friends, deciding that we were going out dressed as Street Fighter characters.

I've recently discovered that i feel more  when i've given advice and positive words to my friends.

Which is good, cuz i wanna remain positive to help me find work, what with my 25th birthday and Minami Con coming up in the next few months.

Promise i'll post again soon
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Subject:December Blues
Time:11:47 pm
So according to to LJ it' s been about 4 weeks since my last entry (early new years resolution; post on LJ more often). A fair bit has happened since then.

So pretty much the day after i made my last entry, i was told the the company was in going down the pan, and we would be closing in 2 weeks. So that's just great, here i am in the middle of the most expensive month of the year with no job. While my last pay cheque and benefit should keep me afloat this month, but i need to find a new job in January. So a lot of my time recently has been spent filling out job applications (oh joy).

Well Christmas is round the corner, and white_leviathan  and a few others are coming down to Plymouth for New Year's so that should be pretty cool. :D

I haven't really watch much anime lately (except at Westcountry Anime, which will be celebrating 100 meetings in January), i have however been playing a lot of Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a zombie survival game by VALVE (the makers of the Half-Life series), except the zombies are much more like the "infected" from 28 Days Later. It's just brilliant.!!!

The Intro Movie is here

So anyway, i will write some more anime / figure reviews soonish i might even try recording it and putting it on youtube. I'll probably ask callierf13  for some advice on this (her Youtube vids a pretty damn good).

Promise to update soon.

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Subject:Quick Update
Time:11:16 pm

nearly 2 months since i last wrote an entry (i really need to update this more often).
I guess i've been busy with work, social life, ect...

Well right now i'm starting to look for another job as my current job may unfortunately not have much long-term stability in it. Just what I don’t need at this expensive time of year (especially when I’ve only 2 Christmas presents so far).  :(



Onto what I’ve recently watched.

I finished watching Detroit Metal City; which proved to be entertaining and very true to the manga (which I need to read more of. As the anime only covers the first two volumes). Also finished watching Higurashi no Naku Koro ni at Westcountry Anime: it proved to be a very good and gripping show. Also watched the first episode of Ultraviolet: Code 044 (biased on the Milla Jovovich film Ultraviolet), but I’ll tell you more about it when I’ve seen a few more episodes.


Ok, I’ll try and keep the gap between posts shorter next time….


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Current Music:Detroit Metal City - Satsugai
Subject:Update - 22/09/2008
Time:05:17 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused

Well it's been a few weeks since my last post on here......

I've got mixed feelings about how things have been going lately:  just when everything seems to be going well there has to be a spanner in the works.

I finally got a new job 2 weeks back, in an electronics shop.

I love it. I used to work in COMET a few years back, and it’s great to be back doing something I know and love. Just desperately waiting for my first lot of pay to come through next week as I’m heavily overdrawn and today the bank told me they won’t extend my overdraft any further. :( This wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have to catch a 30minute bus to and from work each day. Fortunately my boss has agreed to give me a cash advance to cover me for the next 2 weeks. But with new foot-wear needed, a £300 overdraft to pay off, money owed to [info]madcat_nyo for that Queens Blade - Shizuka figure (see my previous entry) , my active social life, several birthdays in the next month, rent to my parents, and the possibility of going to the London Expo, my first pay packet isn’t gonna last long at all, and that’s even before I put any into savings for Minami Con 15. :(


The girl...Collapse )


Well that’s the somewhat tedious update on recent happenings out the way.

On to my recent anime viewing:

Well considering I’ve got less “free time” on account of having a job, I’ve been watching more anime then when I was recently unemployed.

So in the last 2 weeks I’ve watched:

Episodes 2-4 of Ultimate Hellsing OVA

Episodes 6&7 of Strike Witches
and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni as Westcounry Anime's featured series.


Though my latest and most up to date viewing pleasure is an anime called Detroit Metal City (of witch I am at the very moment downloading the freshly subbed episode 5). 

About DMCCollapse )

Now onto something [info]ai_honey suggested on her LJ. It's a bit random, but what the hell.

Well that's all for now folks,
I'll be back with more reviews and stuff soon.

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